Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy (General Data Protection Regulation)

1.       When you place an order with us or buy from the Gallery, this constitutes a Contract of Sale between Art Form (the Supplier) and yourselves (the Consumer) in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 law in the UK and the EU.  If you purchase from our website or online then the Consumer Contract Act 2015 also applies. When the UK has left the EU, the Law may be amended but we will still endeavour to be compliant and, of course, this does not affect your Statutory Rights.


From now on, when we say 'We', we mean the Partners and Employees of Art Form Framing or Gallery (The Supplier). When we say 'You', we mean you (The Consumer/Customer)


Special conditions in the Act apply for items that are 'tailor  made' or 'bespoke'. Most of our framing orders come under this umbrella. We try to ensure that what you are ordering from us is what you want at point of design. We may need to substitute a suitable replacement material for your order from time to time but only if it reasonably fulfils what you wanted in the first place. If we can't reasonably do what you want, then we'll tell you first before completing the order so you can look at an alternative or cancel and get a refund if necessary.  If you should need to complain, please speak to us first, as we like our customers and try our best to maintain our quality standards and resolve any issues. In the unlikely event that there is no satisfactory resolution from our Partners you can refer to either the Furniture Ombudsman or Trading Standards. These are your Statutory Rights.




When you place an order, we take your name, address and telephone number. If you enquire or order through an email service then we will also be in receipt of your email address, ip address and any associated electronic data. This is known as your general data. These may be used by us through a cloud system (eg Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Moonfruit, PayPal or Setmore). These organisations are the data processors/collectors as described in the GDPR regulations. You need to look at those Company's own terms of use to see how they use any data collected from us.  By placing an order, you agree to let us use your general data to effect the order.


     2a. Social Media tools such as Facebook and Instagram may also be used by us for marketing purposes. See their terms of use for how they use your data to enable us to carry out our marketing campaigns. We (The Supplier) do not add you to any mailing list for our use without asking your permission first.


     2b.     We are legally required to keep the record of your name, address and phone number as recorded on your order for a term of five years. These are used for tax purposes by our Accountant (they are not generally copied by them) for reconciling and are then returned to us. These details are then shredded and recycled after 5 years.


     2c.      We do not compile an electronic database of customer details except where you may have enquired by email through a cloud server (Gmail or Facebook Messaging). These are used by us solely for the purpose of transacting your order. We do not sell or share these details with third party Companies except where these are used with your permission to enable communication and transact your payment (i.e accepting us as a friend on social media, sending an email or paying using a card) We (the Supplier) do not sell these in the UK, EU or internationally. We use your phone number or email to send you notification when the order is ready to collect or to inform you of progress of your order, but your name and address is not associated with the number within the phone's contact record.


3.    Payment processing (PayPal Here or Payment Sense) -   When you pay by card in the Gallery, the payment may either be made through the PayPal Here application or our credit card machine. The card data is encrypted by the application and goes either through our secure on-site wifi or via a 4g mobile connection. No customer card details are kept on any phones after the transaction is completed, these are kept by PayPal and the details are then sent as a receipt to your mobile or email. Any queries are dealt with through Paypal By paying us by card you are agreeing to let us, the Bank, PayPal or Payment Sense to use your general data in order to do this. See Paypal's own terms and conditions as to how they use your data.